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Which Roulette strategy is the best one to choose from?

When somebody starts talking about any Roulette strategy, it means that he is taking gambling seriously and a victory there means for him much more than simply money.

It becomes a matter of professionalism and the ability to use one’s personal skills to win. The combination of the knowledge of the rules and strategies plus practice brings a player to a win.

Using Roulette strategy to win

Roulette has been and remains one of the most popular games of chance. This means that a player can’t do without certain skills and Roulette strategies. The most famous Roulette strategy is named after James Bond.

However, it is used only by skilled and risky gamblers, as well as newbies, who simply accept its idea. Professionals prefer relying on math. Here are the most popular game strategies.

James Bond

Probably, everyone, who watched the movie about the 007 Agent, remembers that Bond was fascinated by Baccarat and he played Hold’em as well. It is not known for sure if the spy played Roulette, but the strategy called in his honor exists and it is popular with both newbies and experienced gamblers.

The amount of the bet here is calculated from 200 units for each draw (if a player wishes, he can increase the bet in a multiple amounts: 400, 600, etc.).Since such a distribution of funds on the table lets a player cover almost 2/3 of the entire playing field, it increases the chances of winning.

This casino Roulette strategy is very risky: using it, one can both quickly earn in case of luck, and lose everything. Therefore, a player needs to determine a bankroll that he can afford to lose in advance, as well as the number of winnings, after which it is worth completing the game.

Quick Strategy

It is very simple, can bring a good win, but at the same time, it is very risky. Here, the gambler needs to look at the dozens that are marked on the playing field.

Step 1 of this Roulette strategy: the third dozen (numbers 25 to 36) on the wheel is waited for;

Step 2. Betting on the first and third dozen (for instance, 25 dollars each as an example here);

Step 3. When winning, make the same 2 bets of 11 dollars;

Step 4. In case of victory, it is needed to bet 17 USD on the 1st and 2nd dozen.

Going through all 4 steps, the gambler wins 52 dollars. According to statistics, it is possible to win 3 times in a row under such conditions of a bet. As soon as a gambler loses at any stage he should complete the game, or take a break. With a sufficient budget and long-term game, this online Roulette strategy will bring a player a profit in the end.

Math Strategy

This game perfectly fits the laws of statistics: the probability of a certain number falling out is 1/37. However, statistics show that, on average, it is necessary to play it many times more, so that every number falls at least once.

During the experiments, the following was found out: if a gambler plays Roulette exactly 37 times, then 24 different numbers can fall out. Based on this, in the full cycle of games, only 24 numbers can fall one or several times, and the remaining 13 numbers appear rarely. It was this statistical observation of the odds that formed the basis of this Roulette strategy.

It works the following way:

  • Making 30 spins and collecting statistics. It is likely that 13/14 numbers will fall out 1 time during this time, 5/6 twice, and 16/17 numbers will not fall out even once.
  • Determining the number of spins. To do this, a player must divide 36 by the quantity of numbers on which he will bet (the maximum number of times can be divided with the remainder). For example, he chose 5 numbers that fell out twice. Then divide 35 by 5 and get 7.
  • Making equal bets on 5 numbers determined. If there are no winnings for 7 spins, the session must be ended; everything should be repeated.

If the quantity of required numbers is less than 4 or more than 8, then the statistics collection process should be started anew. The main thing in this strategy is to strictly follow the instructions and do not change the size of the bet.

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