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How to boost Roulette odds with various strategies

It is almost impossible to predict where Roulette wheel stops to show the player the sector he is waiting for: Roulette odds are unpredictable, especially with an American Roulette table that has 2 Zeros.

However, some guys manage to increase their Roulette table odds being very patient when using Martingale or using a brainstorm with Fibonacci.

Popular Roulette strategies to boost odds in Roulette

Speaking about winning and boosting Roulette odds, not one should forget about strategies and systems used in this game. Probably the most popular Roulette system is Martingale. To play using it, one must bet on simple odds (red-black, more-less, odd-even). A player doubles his bet if he wins. For example, the bet $ 1, and if he wins, he gets $ 2.

The bets must be made on the same color until a gambler wins. In case of loss, the bet must be doubled. When a player wins, he starts again with the initial bet, but in a different color. For example, he bets $ 1 on red. If he wins, then he gets $ 2 and bets $ 1 (already on black). In case of loss, he bets $ 2 on red. Now if he wins, he gets 4, and bet 3. As a result, he gets + $ 1. If he loses, then he bets $ 4 on red, and so on. If Zero falls it is a losing bet.

Martingale has one, but very long and thick minus: the player should be ready for a series of bets and have enough money initially, to come to a victory. The riskiest players use it with high stakes. Even losing in the beginning, they remember about the best odds in Roulette with Martingale and do not give up to the end.

More Roulette strategies

Other strategies used to increase Roulette table odds that are frequently mentioned by gamblers include:

  • The Paroli system (“anti” Martingale). Here, players wishing to boost Roulette odds to get the better payout, double their bet when they win. The idea is risky but the temptation to get a prize that is 7 times more than a bet if a player wins 3 times in a row, is very high.
  • Fibonacci system. If a player is good at math, he can use it. The Fibonacci sequence is a series of numbers that start like this – 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21…In addition to the first two numbers (0 and 1), all consecutive numbers are equal to the sum of the previous two digits: 1 = 0 + 1, 2 = 1 + 1, 3 = 2 + 1. The player adjusts the bets in accordance with the sequence. If he loses, then he raises the bet on the next number in the Fibonacci series; and if he wins, he throws out two previous bets.
  • James Bond. Here, all the bets are spread over the Roulette table. Usually, 20 dollars sum is used in each round. As soon as many bets are made, there is a chance that at least one of them will win.

Visiting Wizard of Odds Roulette site, one can read more about these strategies and get tips on Roulette games.

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