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How to Play American Roulette – Betting System & Useful Tips

American Roulette is a must have for collections of many online casinos. It has some unique features that distinguish it from European and French competitors. However, many players like to spin the wheel of this roulette game because it is interesting and potentially profitable.

Although many gamblers see this game as one of the worst options for playing for real money, knowing the basic rules in combination with using winning strategies will help you break this stereotype. Therefore, we do not recommend immediately excluding this version of the casino game from the list of your favorites.

Distinctive Features of the Game

The first difference that catches your eye when you see an American roulette wheel is the presence of an additional pocket ’00’ which is called a double zero. We hasten to warn you that this feature is not an advantage. If we compare the American version with the European or French one, we get the following:

  • French roulette with its La Partage feature minimizes the advantage of the house to a ridiculous 1.35%.
  • European Roulette allows the house to receive a larger guaranteed income, since the advantage is 2.7%.
  • American Roulette with its double zero makes house edge more significant – 5.26%.

So, if we talk about the house edge, choosing the American version of the game, you are clearly at the most disadvantaged position in comparison with other versions. However, this does not mean that you should bypass this game. Try free American Roulette to make sure that this game is worth your attention.

Basic Rules, Bets & Payouts

American Roulette provides a good range of inside and outside bets to choose from. With chips from 1 to 25, online roulette is well suited for ordinary players and high rollers. As usual, you can make one or several bets – inside and outside, start the rotation of the wheel and wait for the result. So, knowing the basic rules of other versions of the game, you can play roulette.

So, since the house has a 5.26% advantage, this means that the return to the player is 94.74%, respectively. Compared to slots, this RTP is quite high, so this version of the game is worth playing for real money. Speaking of roulette payouts, we have the following:

  • Straight Up paid 35:1;
  • Split paid 17:1;
  • Trio and Street paid 11:1;
  • Corner and Four Number paid 8:1;
  • Top Line paid 6:1.

There are also several other bets with lower payouts, for example Even/Odd paid 1:1. As for bets with the highest winning odds, we recommend choosing numbers from the 25-36 range (odds – 31.58%).

If you use game strategies for American Roulette, we recommend making the least risky bets. For example, the probability of Single Number is only 2.63% – with game strategies based on numerical sequences, you can lose all the money instantly.

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