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Mini Roulette Online Casino: Winning Odds and Key Rules

Mini Roulette is a game featuring a smaller 13-number wheel and only one zero. When the ball is landed on zero, only half of the deposit is returned to the player. This game is considered to be one of the most winning ones as it’s easier for the gambler to predict the outcome. Mini Roulette online casino is a special live platform with a table and a wheel. This review aims to tell about Mini Roulette winning odds and rules.

Mini Roulette Winning Odds

There are some winning odds which can improve the gaming results.

  1. Try to get some free spins of the wheel if you want to play for free without money risk. Some casinos even let the gamblers play roulette games online for free and cash out their winnings without depositing any real money.
  2. Bonus spins are credited to players as a daily or monthly promotion. New gamers can receive free spins as a welcome bonus after the registration with Mini Roulette online casino. Some extra spins are granted as a deposit bonus as soon as money is deposited.
  3. Don’t make any bets on 0-2, 0-1-2, 0-2-3, and 0-1-2-3.
  4. Bets that don’t cover 0, have a 3.85% house edge.
  5. Bets that cover 0, have a 7.69% house edge.

All in all, your success when playing Mini Roulette depends on the wheel spinning and the random ball movements. This game doesn’t imply any strategy but you can make bets using your intuition and consequential line of thinking. In this case, the Roulette wheel can provide more winning opportunities to you.

Online Mini Roulette Casino Rules

The basics of Mini Roulette are quite the same as in other variations. As soon as the numbers are chosen, the gambler should deposit a wager. The wheel is spun to determine the winning numbers. The player who guessed the winning number combination takes the payouts.

Mini Roulette features fewer numbers and the betting system in this type of roulette game is simpler than in other variations. Below there are the bet types used in Mini Roulette.

  • Bets made on a single number are Straight.
  • Bets made on 2 neighboring numbers are Split.
  • Street bets are made on 3 numbers.
  • Corner bets are made on 4 numbers.
  • Three bets are made on 0,1,2 or 0,2,3.
  • Column bets are made on any of the 4-number rows.
  • Sixers bets are made on 6 numbers.
  • Even money bets: Odd, Even, Black, Red.

On the whole, Mini Roulette provides lots of opportunities to the players. Learn as much information about the betting system as it’s possible to make the winning bets.

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