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The advantages of Roulette casino free games

Roulette is the game that piques the interest of all people, and it never matters if they are casino gamblers or not.

Simply guys that have no interest in making money on betting, use Roulette casino free versions, shared on the Internet with all, who want to understand the difference between American and French Roulette table or simply check if they can “foresee” the result.

Roulette casino free types

Any Roulette casino free game involves 3 important things: the table, the wheel, and chips. Depending on the game time, some additional features appear in each of the games. For instance, in American free casino Roulette games for fun, the wheel has 2 Zero sectors instead of a traditional one-Zero pocket. As soon as a “00” sectors appears, the chances of a casino to make more money increase.

However, the American game here is a way to bring home more money in a case when Fortune loves the player: winnings are bigger. French Roulette is the only game with La Partage rule. The sense of this rule is as follows: when a ball touches Zero, the gambler can take half of his money he bet or bet this sum, choosing another sector. French Roulette has also other features:

  • Using French Roulette casino free game by NetEnt, one can bet money on 17 numbers that surround a sector with Zero;
  • He can also bet on 12 numbers that are placed opposite to “0” sector;
  • All numbers that have one and the same digit can be involved (for instance, 3, 13, 23);

Roulette for mobile devices

This is a separate type of a game as it can be free initially, but further, when the player wishes to risk making bets, it can bring him money. Roulette Royale — free casino that is available both for Android and iOS systems gives all potential players and winners this chance.

This is a top-rated application that is chosen already by thousands. It turns the screen of a device into a green table to play there, spinning the wheel.

Pros to play it free

Although this game was played mostly by Royalty in past, now, each guy, even the person, who has no money can play different Roulette casino free games. For instance, Roulette Pro by NetEnt can be chosen. Choosing any no-money version, the player gets an opportunity to use a game simulator and learn the rules in the process of the game.

The risk to lose money does not exist here, so anyone, who uses any free game Roulette casino version, feels relaxed. Being relaxed, he can concentrate on the process and remember the numbers; there the ball stops more often. As a result, a personal strategy can be worked out. It can be used later when a person takes a decision to make money bets.

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