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Roulette Rules – How to Play Roulette Like A Pro

From the original casino classic to modern online free versions, roulette is one of the most popular gambling entertainments. Interesting gameplay and simple game rules are the main advantages of all versions of roulette that you can play online for real money.

Despite many casinos offer a wide selection of this game variations, having studied the basic roulette rules, you can spin any wheel with mind. If you are tired of slots, roulette can be a great alternative – although the rules are a bit more complicated, you can learn them in a few minutes. In addition, since many casinos allow you to play for free, you can try the gameplay without any financial risks.

Basic Roulette Rules

The first thing you should know, this game is played against the casino, not other players. Your task is to predict the place in which the ball will land after the wheel stops – this is perhaps all that can be said about the basic roulette rules. You are offered a wide selection of rates – risky with large payouts and less risky bringing mediocre payouts.

To understand the rules of roulette better, you need to look at the wheel and table in detail. First of all, you must place bets on the table. Then the wheel starts spinning. After the wheel stops, you will find out if you managed to win or not.

Casino Roulette Rules – Wheel & Table

The roulette wheel has the following features:

  • It is divided into 37 sectors (pockets). In the American roulette wheel, there is an additional 38th pocket.
  • Each pocket contains a number in the range from 1 to 36. The extra pocket of European Roulette contains ‘0’ (zero). The American version of the game has a 38th pocket with ’00’ (double zero).
  • At first glance, it seems that the numbers are scattered in their pockets randomly. However, according to Blaise Pascal, a well-known mathematician, this order helps to make numbers fall out by chance.
  • The pockets are alternately painted red and black. Exceptions are additional pockets (zero and double zero – in the American version) painted green.

Another thing that is necessary to understand in the basic roulette rules is the table (or roulette board):

  • It contains three columns of 12 numbers each. Rows of such a table consist of numbers – 1,2,3 then 4,5,6 and so on.
  • The rest of the table contains cells for non-numeric rates.
  • All bets are divided into inside and outside ones.

So, in order to learn how to play roulette, you should study all available types of bets. We have already said that there are two types of bets – inside bets (Straight Up, Split, Corner, Street, Line, Five) are those that you can place on the inner part of the table; outside ones (Red/Black, Odd/Even, Low/High, Dozen, Column) – bets on a wide category of numbers.

So, you are one step away from winning the roulette table! When choosing bets, consider your bankroll and how much money you are willing to take risks – inside bets are intended for conservative players while outside ones give chances for larger wins (but this is more risky).

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