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American roulette game online in brief

Roulette is a game that was played at least once by almost all. The ball rotating inside the wheel is the moment when all gamblers made their bets. Now, the luckiest one will see how this ball stops in the sector he made stakes on. We all know about a classic game variant, where the wheel has 36 pockets and a Zero. Besides, some risky guys choose the American roulette game online, where the odds to win are lower. If 1 pocket was chosen for the bet, the chance that you will win here is 37:1. Meanwhile, lucky gamblers make millions on this game. They do it thanks to constant practice, good memory, and skills.

American roulette game online

When you look at the American roulette game wheel, you see that even the numbers are placed not in the order of a European game variant and the question arises: how to play it, when it has a double zero? Actually, it is very easy:

  • Register at a casino and make a deposit;
  • Find the American roulette live game or a roulette simulator;
  • Make a bet (bets): here chips of different nominal and color are used;
  • When all bets are made, the dealer launches the wheel in one direction. The ball is thrown in the opposite direction;
  • When the ball stops, the dealer says who has won. The luckiest gambles get their wins.

You can bet on any numbers or make special bets:

  • On all even numbers;
  • On odds;
  • On 1st 12, 2nd, 3rd 12, etc.

Some gamblers even make cross stakes, placing the chips on the lines, there different Roulette table sections are crossed.

How to beat roulette?

If all would know the answer to this question, the casinos will be bankrupted. Meanwhile, using regularly the American roulette game simulator you will get if not how to beat it, but how to enlarge your winning chances. The simulator is the model of this game that you can use online. Some roulette simulator apps can be downloaded on your phone.

Get free bonuses

When you sign up for a casino, you should always take the benefits of the welcome bonuses. This trick increases your capital. Thus you will double your chances of winning.

Bet only on simple roulette odds

Always bet on outside bets. Whether odd or even, red or black, it’s up to you. Although the winnings are only at par (1/1) with these bets, they offer a higher chance rate. The simple odds, compared to bets on the numbers (inside bets) favor you. The simple odds in roulette are more advantageous.

The Martingale in Roulette

Many gamblers use this strategy. The principle of the Martingale is as follows: double the bet for each loss, and only bet one unit for each win. This way, with each win you gain one unit, even after a series of losing bets.

Gain experience without taking any risk

Practice and experience are your best partners in Roulette. There are even real small roulette game sets that are available in stores. Play for fun with buddies and you will learn the game better.

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