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Video mini roulette casino game– great way to relax and try own luck

Changing something in classic roulette is very difficult, almost impossible. Netent a company specializing in the production of online slots, has released an interesting variation of the game – video mini roulette casino game. Its main difference is the use of a small number on the wheel. You can play mini-roulette for free without registration and for money.

Features playing mini roulette table

The main difference between the free Mini-roulette and the European version is the presence of thirteen numbers on the wheel. Two tables are used for the game: Low Roller and Standard. Depending on the table, the rate in a net number and on a spin varies. The maximum bet is 500 euros per spin.

The mini roulette wheel online has thirteen numbers: 0-12. As always, red and black cells alternate, and one of them has a green color – the zero sector. To launch the ball, press the Spin button. You can also repeat bets from the previous round (Rebet) and clear the table (Clear). The user can activate the quick spin, open the help section and turn on / off the sound.

Best mini roulette wheel

Mini-roulette uses 8 types of bets: 4 internal and 4 external. Bets on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th numbers (straight, split, straight and square) belong to the internal ones, while the external ones include the column, half a dozen, odd / even, red / black. If the ball stops at the zero sector, the user gets back half the amount set.

These are the basic rules of play mini roulette online from playtech with odds. It remains to experience the game in practice. Start playing Mini-roulette for free and without registering at the Wiki Casino Club.

The mini-mode of roulette strategy can be deceiving, because in the presence of “zero” there is the smallest number of cells. The winning percentage of the casino is the largest among all the offered varieties. With minimal bets, the most gamblers game here.

Training in the demo versions of roulette, the player receives invaluable experience that can be applied in the game for money. Preparing with virtual glasses, the player does not miss any points, because the characteristics of flash games are fully preserved.

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