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Mini Roulette wheel game main features and rules

Mini Roulette wheel game does not fifer much from a “classic” type of this entertainment — even Roulette strategy here is almost the same. However, some differences exist, and gamblers pick it for these special features.

Mini Roulette wheel game features

It is easy to guess that this is a reduced imitation of classic Roulette. Despite the fact that the size of the Mini Roulette wheel has become smaller, payments and odds have increased significantly. And this is not surprising. The rules here do not differ from the classic version. The wheel is a significant difference. It contains only thirteen sectors, one of which is Zero.

The concept of 12 has also been changed. When gamblers play Mini Roulette online, they see 13 sectors, they had to be divided into groups:

  • From 4 to 6.
  • From 4 to 9.
  • From 7 to 12 Mini Roulette wheel sectors.

The columns in the new version of the game now consist of four numbers, and not 12, as usual. There are also bets on red and black, even and odd. Playing Mini Roulette has become much easier since the probability of guessing which of the 13 sectors the ball will fall is much higher.

Bet Payouts

Accordingly, payout ratios have also changed. Of course, it’s great if they stayed like in the traditional version 1 to 35, but, unfortunately, here, they are 1 to 11. All bets on equal chances, as well as the provided groups of numbers that replaced dozens, have a 1: 1 payout ratio.

Due to its simple rules and the high probability of winning, Mini Roulette is gaining immense popularity among fans of gambling clubs. Additionally, the fact that the European version of the game was taken as the basis only adds one more plus to it. Many lovers of online Roulette without zero are happy to switch to the new mini version and emphasize that it is no less profitable and exciting to play at Mini Roulette table.

To appreciate the modified entertainment, many casinos offer there a demo mode. With its help, gamers will easily learn the rules and appreciate the additional features of the updated version. For beginner gambling users, it is the best option to understand the essence of the gameplay and get the necessary skills for subsequent more serious battles.

Mini Roulette popular games

Modern online casinos provide free gambling, including Playtech and NetEnt Mini Roulette wheel games. These are modified versions of roulette, in which the number of cells is reduced, but there are standard features of this genre of the game. Like online slot machines, Mini Roulette wheel game is quite simple; it has a minimal set of functions, which makes it extremely difficult to get confused.

The simple functionality is packaged in an intuitive interface, making the game great for beginners. The beginners can play Mini Roulette in a Demo mode. The best gaming advantages, such as simplicity and ease of gameplay are complemented by new ones – minimalist graphics and interface. Mini Roulette online is a fairly lightweight game, so a gambler can open it even on the old mobile devices and run it with no problems.

Unobtrusive, but rather high-quality graphics, the lack of animations and constant musical accompaniment have a beneficial effect on the overall outcome of the game, in which the user should be the winner. You should not immediately switch to large bets, it is best to think about your moves, come up with your own strategy, and then gradually increase the rates if necessary.

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