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How to Play Real Mini Roulette Online

The wheel of a mini roulette, just like its ancestors of European and French roulette, contains a zero sector. In addition, the wheel consists of another 12 numbers, unlike American Roulette that has 38 different sectors.

This means that the process of betting in Mini Roulette is a lot simpler comparing to other casino games.

Features of Mini Roulette

Before going any further, you should get acquainted with the varieties of rates:

  • Straight bet (the number is from 1 to 12);
  • Split bet (for any two numbers);
  • Street bet (on a row of three numbers);
  • Three bet (bet on three consecutive numbers);
  • Corner bet (on a row of four numbers);
  • Column bet (choice of any three combinations);
  • Color bet (black/ red bet);
  • Even/odd bet.

How to Play Mini Roulette Online for Real Money in the US

The game begins when the croupier launches a ball into a spinning wheel. The player’s task is to choose the right number on which the ball should stop. As you can see, the rules are not much different from other types of roulette. In general, online roulette online quickly gained fans due to its simplicity and speed of the game.

The best thing about Mini Roulette is the return of half of the bet in case of a roll of 0 and the absence of a bet limit. Straight has the highest payout ratio (11:1), followed by Split (5:1) and Street (3:1). Column and Corner bets are paid at the rate of 2: 1. All other types of bets are paid at the rate 1:1.

Mini Roulette Betting Strategy

Each online casino offers its own game requirements. All of them can be divided according to the rates, but this is not always considered as constant. That is why the player must control the payments as a result of a loss, since he is supposed to get half of the sum back. If the player does not take half the bet, then the casino advantage will increase to 7.8%, and the odds of the player will decrease.

High stakes are considered another plus when playing Mini Roulette. In this case, you can use the strategy of Martingale or Labouchere, which are distinguished by high efficiency. If a player loses up to 8 times in a row, then the player will not have any limits, as well as a doubling when making the 9th bet. In this case, the player must always monitor his bankroll.

If you are interested in playing Mini Roulette gaming machines, then you should take a look at the slots developed by NetEnt and Playtech. You can find the description of the best slot below.

Play Mini Roulette Online For Real Money in a Slot From Playtech

Mini Roulette is a slot from Playtech that has the same rules as classic Mini Roulette.

Description of the Design

Once you start the slot, you will see a perfectly modeled game space that completely simulates a real table for the game. Here you will see a roulette wheel with red and black sectors, as well as a green zero cell.

The background is made in an unobtrusive blue color, which looks pretty good and attracts a lot of attention. Above the entire game space is the Mini Roulette game logo. In addition to the roulette table with markings, you can see playing chips with a denomination from 0.01 to 10 euros. That said, you can choose the most suitable amount for you and arrange it into the desired sectors.

The whole gameplay is as close as possible to the real one, which could be observed in real gaming halls. In addition, you will hear the sound of balls rolling across the roulette sectors, and, despite the fact that the croupier is replaced by a computer, a female voice will speak to you. She will voice the winning combination, say whether you won or not and ask to make bets after the next game.

There is also a slow background music, which makes you feel like you are in a real gaming room. It’s safe to say that Playtech has done a great job and made the game in the best traditions.

You shouldn’t any problems managing the game either. This slot has only one spin key that starts the game. To make a bet of the desired size, simply select the chip. You can also keep track of the last dropped cells in a special window at the bottom of the screen.

Special Features of the Slot

It is necessary to take into account that this roulette is a mini version, so all of the indicators here reduced. Payments in the game are quite high, but they are lower than those that can be obtained by playing classic roulette. For comparison, when you will a bet on one number in a mini-roulette, the prize amount will increase 11 times, and in the classic version it will increase by 37 times.

Therefore, choosing this type if roulette for high payouts may not be the best idea, but if a player wants to spend some time playing a high-quality game and relax or train his skills, then Mini Roulette is ideal.

Starting the game, you can see colored chips from 00.1 to 10. Choose one of them and place them on the playing field, as if in a real casino. The combination of rates can be anything. By clicking a few times on the same sector, you will add new chips, increasing their denomination. Numbers on which bets were made, light up with a white glow to make it easier for you to play. After that, start the drum and wait for the ball to stop on one of the sectors.

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