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Features of the game of mini roulette – Rules and bets

Mini roulette

Some offline casinos, as well as several Internet portals working on the software of different well-known brands, offer customers a reduced version of the most popular gambling in the world. As a rule, it is called the Mini Roulette. Below we will discuss the main provisions of mini-roulette, step by step consider the gameplay and other important nuances.

Features playing mini roulette

The mini-roulette is a variation of European roulette with one zero. It is governed by the classic primary provisions of the rules.

The purpose is to guess which room or group of rooms the ball will stop in and place the corresponding bet to receive the pay-out.

The main distinguishing feature of the game is the mini roulette table with reduced drum, which represents only thirteen numbered sectors with numbers from zero to 12. They are arranged in proper order:

  • zero;
  • five;
  • twelfth;
  • third;
  • tenth;
  • one;
  • eight;
  • nine;
  • second;
  • seven;
  • six;
  • eleven;
  • four.

They are arranged in a netent of three columns of 4 rows. Sometimes the order of numbers is different.

The same numbers are duplicated on the table layout, where they are located on a 4×3 grid; in three columns. You can place bets in the cells.

Different types of bets are accepted in mini-roulette. They can combine in any order. The central condition is not to exceed the maximum set for the table.

Depending on the bets, the amount of the winnings is:

  • For one number; 11:1;
  • For two digits; 5:1;
  • For three digits; 3:1;
  • For four digits; 2:1.

The outer stakes:

  • Half a dozen; six numbers; 1:1;
  • Column; four numbers; 2:1;
  • On color; red or black 1:1;
  • For even or odd 1:1.

Some bets by sector are not accepted in mini-roulette.

Most models have a rule borrowed from French roulette. It is a issue of returning half of the bets lost on the loss of the zero.

The course of the mini-roulette game

In general, the roulette strategy on mini roulette does not differ from the Playtech on the classic European roulette. Customers place their bets by selecting numbers and combining positions as they see fit.

Mini-roulette rules

Dealer launches a mini roulette wheel and puts the ball, which after falling determines the winning number. Then the dealer removes the chips from the field, which were lost.

After that, he makes payments on the winning bets; according to the coefficients above.


Most mini roulettes work according to the same principles. The differences ofplay mini roulette online concern the interface, settings, and other minor nuances.

In rare cases, the game is offered without returning half of the loss at zero.

Internet users on different thematic sites claim that there is mini-roulette with a progressive jackpot, bonus payments, and other features. We are not ready to refute or confirm these statements.


Make sure to check whether half of the losing bets return when the zero is dropped when choosing a mini-roulette. In this case, the mathematical odds of the casino is 3.85%. Without this rule, this figure increases to 7.69%.

As you can see, this is still much higher than the standard 2.7% laid down in the usual European roulette; not to mention the French one.

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